Data Analysis School in October 2021 !

The GDR NeuralNet organizes a one week school on data analysis with python toolboxes for electrophysiology and Ca-imaging.  This school will be held in-person in Lyon from October 18th to October 22nd in the amphitheater of the CRNL. The GDR NeuralNet brings together research teams engaged in measuring, manipulating, analyzing and interpreting neuronal activity.

Developers (or advanced users) of several important and useful python toolboxes for data analysis will be present to introduce the participants to the underlying theory behind these tools. Participants will be guided during a hands-on session on their own datasets.

Tentative schedule:
Day 1 : optional python course, for non python programmers (Samuel Garcia)
Day 2 : Information theory and connectivity using “frites” (Etienne Combrison, Andrea Brovelli)
Day 3 : data manipulation and spike train analysis with “neo + elephant” (Julia Sprenger, Michael Denker)
Day 4 : spike sorting with “spikeinterface/spyking-circus/tridesclous/”  (Pierre Yger, Alessio Buccino, Samuel Garcia)
Day 5 : pipeline for calcium imaging with “suite2p” (Owen Randlett)

The number of attendees is set to a maximum of 35. The school is open to everyone (Masters students, phd students, postdocs, PIs, engineers).
The school is totally free but attendees need to pay for their travel, accommodation and food
(aside from lunches, which will be provided).
Please be aware that a EU Digital COVID certificate may be asked for according to the French government rules applicable in October.

Registration form :
Registration opened until September 23rd (6pm)

Note: There is a potential risk of postponement (decision will be taken early in October). If the school is canceled, we will NOT make it virtual, because such an event requires a hands-on approach and interaction between attendees. However, we might simply postpone it to the end of the year if the situation improves. So if you register and want to book travel/hotel, please make sure to have all available cancelation options.

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