In just a few years, electrophysiological recording techniques using multi-electrode approaches have become an essential method for exploring the nervous system and studying the physiology of neural networks. However, this approach is not trivial to set up and, what’s more, it is not yet taught as a standard method in higher education. These two aspects mean that the penetration of this method into the French research community is slow and piecemeal. Each team has to deal with the problems inherent in implementing a new technology.

To remedy these problems, one of GDR’s missions, via its school, is to teach these new approaches to students starting a thesis and to post-docs and young researchers. There is very strong demand from the teams for this training, and studies indicate that around fifteen students should be trained each year.

For about a decade, the GDR NeuralNet workshop has been associated with an optional and free Minischool lasting one or two days and typically related to spike sorting, calcium imaging or neural data management, in general ahead of the conference. Don’t miss this opportunity for your students/post-docs !!

And many thanks to the organizers, and Samuel Garcia in particular, for managing this event through the years !