NeuralNet 2023 – 12th Annual Meeting, 11-13 October, Marseille

The goal of the GDR NeuralNet annual meeting, on its 12th edition this year, is to develop and promote synergies between researchers, engineers, and other stakeholders engaged in measuring, manipulating, analyzing and interpreting neuronal activity.

The official website for the conference is here.


We are thrilled to welcome the following speakers:

  • Demian Battaglia
  • Andrea Burgalossi
  • Hayriye Cagnan
  • Matteo Carandini
  • Ann Clemens
  • Matteo Di Volo
  • Mark Humphries
  • Kate Jeffery
  • Liset Menendez de la Prida
  • Marta Moita
  • Martha Nari Havenith
  • David Robbe
  • Marieke Schölvinck
  • German Sumbre


Registration is now open!
Bear in mind that there will be a limitation to 180 participants to the conference and places will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

The deadline for registration is September 15th.

Register here


Submit your abstract here


As usual, ahead of the conference (October 9-10th) there will be an optional and free Minischool at the Inmed in Luminy.

For information click here

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