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Registration is open ! 10th annual meeting of the GDR–NeuralNet - Bordeaux, December 2-4th, 2019

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 NeuralNet Meeting 2019

How does collective neuronal activity subserve functions of the nervous system? The research network "NeuralNet" aims at discussing the latest research and the recent advances in the field. This meeting is also an opportunity to develop and promote synergies between researchers, engineers, and other stakeholders who share common interest in measuring, manipulating, analyzing and interpreting neuronal activity.

This GDR NeuralNet conference will take place from December 2-4, 2019 at Bordeaux Neurocampus (Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine). It will feature 14 talks by world-leading experts, posters, and oral presentations selected on abstract. In addition, we organize training workshops on spike sorting, data analysis and modelling (on December 5).

Registration is now open (take advantage of early registration price)!

Confirmed speakers: H Monyer (1st keynote); M Brecht (2nd keynote); B Bathellier; D Di Gregorio; D Dupret; P Faure; G Girardeau; C Herry; D Omer; A Peyrache; D Popa; A Pouget; A Riehle; G Silberberg.

For registration, program and more information, please visit the conference website:

The organizing committee,

Catherine Le Moine, Lisa Roux, Cyril Dejean, Andreas Frick, Frédéric Gambino, Arthur Leblois and Nicolas Mallet