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5-7 december NeuralNet 2018

Submitted by admin on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 12:44

Interested in understanding neural networks?

Electrophysiology - Photonics - Computational Neurosciences

Do not miss NeuralNet2018,

the next meeting of the GDR NeuralNet, decembre 5th-7th december 2018, 29 rue d’Ulm, in the heart of Paris

Save the date ! 9th annual meeting of the GDR–NeuralNet - Paris, December 5-7th, 2018

Submitted by admin on Thu, 04/05/2018 - 16:01

The 2018 GDR meeting will be held in Paris, 29 rue d'Ulm, on December 5th to 7th. The meeting will be entitled “Understanding Neural Networks : from Dynamics to Function”and will be preceded with the traditional minischool. Stay tuned for more information! 

8th annual meeting of the GDR–NeuralNet - Strasbourg, November 22-24th, 2017

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/16/2017 - 09:56

Dear all, dear friends of our amazing GDR NeuralNet

We are pleased to announce the 8th annual meeting of the GDR–NeuralNet, to be held at Strasbourg
It will take place November 22nd-24th, 2017, just before the opening of the famous Christmas market!

Venue: College Doctoral Europeen (CDE), quarter esplanade, central campus of Strasbourg University.